The Dental Delivery System

If you’ve ever allowed me to examine your pet, I’m sure you heard my thoughts on dentistry. Great dental health for our dogs and cats is often overlooked because we either presume that it’s natural for our pet’s breath to smell or because we are unaware of the distress dental pain causes our companion animals. Dental disease unfortunately causes serious problems in cats and dogs. Dentistry is best addressed at the earliest stages before irrevocable problems occur. This is the time when the procedure takes the least amount of time and costs the least amount of money. Because we do a significant amount of dentistry at our practice, I insisted on having the best equipment possible. The VetPro 1000 Mobile Dental Delivery System is very similar to the same machine your dentist uses for you. It safely and ultrasonically removes plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth both above and below the gum line. It is water-cooled, comes with a device that I can use for the safe removal of infected teeth and can also be used to polish the surface of the teeth which then reduces the chances for future tartar build up.

The Full Body Digital X-Ray

I can learn a lot from doing a physical exam on your pet. In fact, I never diagnose any thing without doing a nose-to-tail examination on every pet I see. However, there are times when I need additional information. Common ailments like diarrhea or vomiting that may seem benign can actually be extremely serious in some cases. That’s why I chose a digital radiograph machine so that I could rule out any more serious issues. Digital radiography does everything the old x-ray machines used to do, but at faster speeds and with much more clarity. But most importantly, because we can do the radiographs faster, your pet spends less time having to hold still for the picture. That significantly reduces stress and makes the process much more pleasant for them. Also, it is quite easy to electronically forward images to any necessary specialists.

Digital Dental X-Ray

The days of having any visible tartar removed and any loose teeth simply “pulled” are long gone. We insist on a higher level of oral care for our patients and this requires dental radiography. Just like the full body digital system, the digital dental system is quick and accurate which translates into less anesthetic time and lower overall cost. Most disease lies underneath the gingival margin and this cannot be seen without radiographs. Every patient having a dental procedure at Christmas City will have full mouth x-rays taken and evaluated. This will ensure that any previously undiagnosed pathology is not missed and left untreated.

In House Blood Laboratory

When I am faced with an emergency, my job is to assess the vital systems in your dog or cat as soon as possible and try to fix whatever problems I find. In some ways, fixing body systems is like balancing a delicate chemistry set. I have a lot of experience doing this, but it requires that I know what is happening internally with your pet before I begin. My diagnostic in-house blood laboratory gives me insight into the major chemical components of your pet’s blood. Along with a physical exam, this information gives me strong clues as to what may be wrong with your pet. The findings can also help me choose a medication therapy that, in some cases, can have an immediate, positive effect. My in-house blood laboratory means that every one of my clients can come to me in a crisis situation and I will be well equipped to begin stabilizing or treating the patient immediately.