Our Practice

As part of its mission, Christmas City Veterinary Hospital promises to provide small animal owners with quality care at affordable prices. With this in mind, we have designed a great wellness regimen for every dog and cat that will keep them living longer, healthier lives and reduce the chances of major, unexpected illnesses. Please take a look at some of the services we offer below.

Annual Wellness Visits

We have an affordable plan to examine every dog and cat at least once a year. We perform risk assessments for infectious and hereditary diseases. We also offer early detection blood profiles that look for diseases in the initial and most treatable stages. It is a plan that we have built based on the recommendations of some of the most knowledgeable and prestigious veterinary organizations in America as well as Dr. Cawley’s own, rich and diverse veterinary experience. Our wellness visits will keep your pet living a longer and healthier life. This is at the core of everything we believe in.

Spays and Neuters

It’s no secret that dog and cat overpopulation is a sad problem in our society. Spaying or neutering is essential not only to help curb the overpopulation problem but also to keep your pet healthier, more obedient, cleaner in the house, and less likely to roam. We believe that it is very important that you spay or neuter your pet. Because we are so eager to help owners do this important surgery, we have designed a protocol that’s both thorough and affordable. Each surgical procedure we do is performed by Dr. Cawley and monitored by our experienced veterinary nursing staff. For more information on our canine and feline spay or neuter procedures, give us a call!


Our pets, unfortunately, sometimes stray from home. Collars can break or slip off and those rabies or name tags that are attached to the collar can get pulled loose if the animal is running through brush. A microchip is a rice-grain-sized implant that we painlessly secure under the patient’s skin with a simple injection. It is safe, un-reactive, and wholly successful at identifying your pet. Nearly every animal shelter and veterinary office in the nation possesses the necessary equipment to read the chip and fully identify your pet. Travelers are especially encouraged to microchip their pets. For any pet that will be taken out of the country, microchipping is required.


Though veterinarians have been educating clients for years about the benefits of dentistry, there is still a widely held belief by owners that dentistry for pets is simply not necessary. An astonishing 80% of dogs and cats will develop dental disease by the age of two! In many ways, dogs’ and cats’ mouths are just like ours and foul breath may reflect serious metabolic problems or pronounced infection and periodontal disease. Periodontal disease will cause extreme pain, a low grade, systemic infection and a shorter life span. In fact, there is overwhelming evidence that good oral health can keep most dogs and cats living two years longer than they otherwise would. We want to help you keep your pet’s mouth healthy.


Everyone knows that their dog or cat is supposed to go to the vet annually to get its vaccinations, but at Christmas City, we’d like to take some time to talk with you as well as examine your pet before we make any recommendations. Simply put, we want to make sure you understand the illnesses these vaccines prevent and learn about the risk factors for your pet so we can guide you in the right direction.

Living Longer and Healthier

It’s no secret that eating well, staying fit and regular check-ups go a long way in keeping us living longer and feeling better. The same is true for our pets. Obesity, for example, is common in pets whose owners either don’t recognize the additional weight as a problem or feel helpless in trying to curb their pet’s seemingly endless appetite. Early disease detection is another example. Most cats and dogs will eventually succumb to only a handful of the same diseases, almost all of which can be treated relatively easily and inexpensively for years. Just waiting for the day that your pet gets older and frailer is not the best way to proceed. By having your pet examined annually and running an annual blood test you may not only be adding years to your pet’s life, but vigor and vitality as well.